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Junk drawers are a collection spot for all the random or miscellaneous items around the house that are useful but do not have a specific place to go. For example, scissors, batteries, spare keys, pens, and bandages are everyday items in most junk drawers.

Junk Removal Tips: Junk Drawer Organizing

If there is more than one junk drawer or catch-all place in the home, it may be time to consolidate and declutter. Here are some junk removal tips to help clean out that drawer.

Empty The Junk Drawer

Before any organizing can begin, one must know what is in the drawer. Pull everything out of the junk drawer and lay it out where it is visible. Throw away any trash, expired coupons, old carry-out menus, etc. Now look at what’s left. Divide items into two piles – what to keep and get rid of. Finally, separate the “keep” pile by where the item is used. Like goes with like. For example, office supplies will go together. If anything in the junk drawer can be given a more permanent home, it is time to move it.

Choose an Organization Method

There is more than one way to keep a drawer organized. Once everything is out in the open, it is easy to see what organization method will work best. For example, using different-sized boxes or containers can help create smaller areas within the drawer to keep items from getting mixed up. Many stores sell drawer organizers or silverware keepers that work well. Perhaps leaving the objects loose in the drawer is fine once extraneous items are removed.

Don’t Have a Junk Drawer?

Not all junk drawers have to be actual drawers. Any place that allows for storage can end up being the proverbial junk collection spot. Ottomans, closets, storage cubes, hanging baskets, or even a countertop can all end up used as a catch-all space.

The idea and process of decluttering remain the same even if the location is different. Empty the spot, take an inventory of items, toss out any trash, organize and arrange what is left back into the space.

Inspired to Clean Out More?

Decluttering is contagious. Cleaning out a junk drawer can turn into cleaning out a closet which then turns into organizing the garage. Now there is a pile of large junk that needs to go somewhere. Get that junk from a home or office taken away without lifting a finger. McJunk offers a full range of junk removal services. We accept almost anything, and 80% of what we haul away is donated, recycled, or remade. Call 919-850-4377 and book an estimate for junk removal.