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For a FAST QUOTE, Email Us Pictures of Your Junk:

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What does McJunk do?

We provide a full range of junk removal & hauling services for your home or business. Our customers hire us to come haul away their unwanted or unneeded items. We do all the work and take almost anything. We recycle at least 80% of what we haul away, either by way of donation or recycle to be remade.

What can you haul away?

We take just about anything you don’t want, including; appliances, furniture, tires, yard waste, construction materials and debris, junk cars, electronics, and much more. We cannot take hazardous wastes but we can take paint if it is dried properly. Call us to find out how to dry your paint so we can take it for you. For a list of items we take click here.

Is there anything you can’t take?

Yes, we cannot take hazardous materials, but we can tell you were to take them.

Are you licensed to do this work?

Yes we are! We are not just doing this for fun. We have taken all the steps to make sure we are completely within our legal limits and up-to-date on all regulations and codes. We are also fully insured!

How much do you charge?

Volume, Volume, Volume! We charge by how much junk you need removed. With our trucks being larger than our competitors we can haul more for less. See our price sheet for an understanding of our pricing policy and a rough estimate for your junk removal needs.

Can you give me an estimate over the phone?

We cannot give you a reliable estimate without seeing the junk you need removed. We are happy to send one of our friendly professionals to your home to give you a free no-obligation estimate at a time that best suits your needs. Remember, we also have same day service, this includes estimates.

Will I have to wait to get an appointment?

Absolutely not! Here at McJunk we cater to our customers with our same day service or we can schedule an appointment when it is more convenient for you. We understand your time is precious so we are very flexible with ours.

When I schedule an appointment will I have to wait long for your professionals to arrive?

No, we know you have more important things to do than sit around and wait for us. McJunk calls to confirm appointments 15-20 minutes before we are expected to arrive to complete the job.

Do I have to be home when you come?

Our professional team prefers that the homeowner be home during our short visit. If this isn’t possible simply call us and we can make arrangements that will accommodate to your needs.

Do you help your customers by working after normal business hours?

Yes! We are here to help you. We completely understand that our customers have to work and cannot always be at home during the day. We are prepared to accommodate to our customers scheduling needs. Just give us a call and we will be happy to discuss a convenient time with you.

What do you accept for payment?

McJunk accepts all major credit cards, personal checks, company checks, and cash. Our commercial accounts can enjoy easy billing upon an established credit relationship with us.

What happens to my junk?

McJunk is happy to announce that we recycle up to 80% of all the junk we haul. We are affiliated with several non-profit organizations in our area with whom we recycle usable junk to. Our friendships with these organizations are very important to us. When love being able to give your junk to people who need it most. We donate what is usable, recycle what is not, and take the rest to the landfill.

Can you move my stuff from one location to another?

Unfortunately, we are not equipped or licensed to move items for our customers.

How big are your trucks?

Our trucks are larger than our competitors and can hold a capacity of 20 cubic yards. This is better for you! With our prices being unbeatable and our trucks larger than theirs, you are sure to get the most junk removed for the least amount of money.

Why should I choose your company?

We are a locally owned business who cares about our customer’s satisfaction. Our professional team is kind, courteous, and professional. We love the environment and want to do our part to recycle what we junk. One thing you will see is that our junk removal company cares on a local level. We are excited to recycle our customers usable junk right back into our community. Our trucks are larger than our competitors so you get more for your money and we guarantee to beat any written estimate. We offer same day service and flexible pickup times.

Get $20 OFF when you book online!
*on loads of 1/4 truck or more

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