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Over time, we accumulate possessions. At first, it may only be one or two items. But over months and years, the amount of items build up. If you’re running out of room to put things or find that it’s hard to move around in your bedroom, it may be time to declutter. Once you have your clutter under control, your space will look renewed and refreshed in no time. Though getting there can seem overwhelming, chaos is easy to manage with a residential junk removal service.  Here are a few things you can do to get started.

Use Vertical Space

Smaller homes, especially, tend to be short on storage. However, one thing all homes have is vertical space. Put up some shelves or organizers to make the most of it. Over-the-door organizers are an excellent way to make use of under-utilized vertical space. There are other types of organizers available as well that may suit your needs. Using shelves and organizers will help you sort through the necessary clutter in your bedroom. As the old saying goes, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”

Declutter Regularly

Possessions build up over time, leading to what can seem like an unmanageable mess. Make a habit of decluttering on a consistent schedule (such as every few months), and you can keep the clutter from building up. As you go through the clutter, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it have a use, or is it just decorative?
  • If it’s a useful item- ask yourself, “Will I use this?”
  • If it’s a decorative item, ask yourself, “Do I have an adequate place to display this?”
  • Does it make you happy?
  • Is it easy to find again if you change your mind? If you’re unsure whether to get rid of an item, consider how hard it would be to re-obtain if needed.

Downsize Furniture

How large is your furniture? Compare that to how large you need your furniture to be. For example, if you’re one person, you’re unlikely to need a king-size bed. If you have an entire closet to yourself, do you also need a dresser? Or do you have extra space in your closet that could be used for a vertical organizer?

Clutter can seem like an impossible task. Yet, it can be managed. Make use of your vertical space, declutter regularly, and only purchase furniture you need.

Contact McJunk

After sorting through your clutter and deciding what to keep and what to remove, contact a residential junk removal company. At McJunk, our goal is to help you take back control of your space. We pride ourselves on being Raleigh’s #1 full-service junk removal service. If you are looking for the best solution to dispose of your clutter, please reach out to us. We would be happy to help, including providing you with a no-obligation quote. Call 919-850-4377 for information.