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The holiday season is here, and maybe you’re planning to host holiday parties, dinners, or out-of-town relatives. Now is the perfect time to start decluttering and do a deep clean. It’s good to start early and avoid getting caught up when family and friends arrive for the holidays. Below are some cleaning and organization tips for you.

Tips for Junk Removal in Cary NC: Holiday Cleaning

Choose a Specific Area to Declutter

You might have the best intentions but won’t be able to clean everything in your house before the guests arrive without a plan. Get a holiday checklist, focus on the rooms where the guests will be, and start decluttering there first. These are the priority areas, and once you’re done with them, you can move on to other rooms.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

To ensure everything is done on time without a last-minute rush, create a cleaning schedule and write it down. Then, make sure you accomplish each daily task on your schedule.

Get the Whole Family Involved

If you have kids, this is the ideal moment to have them help you declutter. You can make it fun for them by using Elf on the Shelf to leave notes asking the kids to help. With this, you get to teach your kids responsibility creatively and festively. You also get extra hands to help with cleaning.

Clean Up the Entryway

Tackle your entryway early. All sorts of messes from winter boots, backpacks, and everything else can pile up here. This makes your home feel overwhelmingly cluttered. Instead, look for a space in the laundry room, hall closet, or mudroom where you can store these items out of the way.

Clean and Declutter Guest Rooms

These are priority areas where you should start. Most of the time, guest rooms turn into a catch-all for junk throughout the year. This makes cleaning and decluttering during the holidays seem like a challenge. First, pull everything out of the guest rooms and sort what you want to let go and what to keep. Then, donate the items you don’t need.

Organize the Bathroom

Minimize bathroom messes, especially in bathrooms frequently used by your guests. Fill soap bottles, set out fresh linens, restock toilet paper and put a stellar guest basket for your bathroom. Ensure your guests get everything they may need. Cleaning, decluttering, and organizing your bathroom goes a long way in making your home more accommodating and comfortable for guests.

Clean the Kitchen

You’ll want to deep clean and organize the kitchen before guests arrive. Purge the kitchen pantry and fridge first. Then, take stock of your ingredients and get rid of expired ones. This makes your holiday cleaning easier and keeps the kitchen decluttered heading into the new year.

Tackle Kid Areas

Your kids will receive new clothes, toys, and books during the holidays. However, before this happens, it’s a good idea to declutter by removing the things they no longer use. For example, declutter the kid’s playroom and organize their bedrooms. They might not be pleased about losing some of their items, but this is an opportune moment to teach them about helping those in need through donations.

The holiday can be an incredibly stressful time. Not all decluttering tips are for your home’s belongings. Take time for yourself, especially if you’re hosting friends and family. Before they arrive, relax and destress. Take care of your body and declutter your mind, ready for the new year.


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