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Are you having trouble getting rid of your household junk or excess cardboard boxes? You are not alone. Cardboard box disposal is a significant challenge for many people, especially when online ordering took a sharp upturn during the Covid-19 restrictions.

All those cardboard boxes have been accumulating, and now that pile of boxes is taking up space and could present a safety concern. The good news is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home for junk removal. Some companies provide affordable and efficient home pick-up services.

Junk Removal: How Covid-19 has Affected Cardboard Box Pickup

Many waste management companies have had to reconsider the way they operate because of the adverse effects of Covid-19. They switched their focus to residential waste removal from commercial junk removal, but sadly, this imbalance has affected their productivity. Some of them have lost over half of their commercial pick-up customers, and transferring that extra cost to residential clients is not feasible because they do not want to lose additional customers.

To manage the situation, some trash and waste recycling companies adopted new strategies. They now restrict picking up more than what’s in the bin. For customers who would haul their excess cardboard boxes to the dump, it’s recommended to schedule a bulk service pick-up with a waste management company. Cardboard boxes are best recycled and should not be emptied into a landfill, adding to environmental problems. Instead, they can be made into toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, cereal boxes, and writing paper.

Why is it Necessary to Recycle Cardboard Boxes?

Many recycling plants have had to cease operations due to the Coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, many people were still shopping from eCommerce platforms and receiving their deliveries in cardboard boxes. The additional cardboard boxes were primarily dumped in the landfills. And the shortage of cardboard boxes was increasing because fewer of them were being recycled, meaning that new cardboard boxes had to be produced through deforestation- a practice that can be harmful to the environment.

How To Dispose of Your Excess Cardboard Boxes

With the ongoing decrease in recyclers and commercial garbage pick-ups, there’s a vacuum that needs to be filled since stacking up excess cardboard boxes could fuel a fire hazard.

To help you be on the safe side, McJunk added a new service to their junk removal and overhauling tasks – eco-friendly cardboard removal and recycling pick-up. This service is fast, easy, and convenient for anyone who wants to declutter by removing a pile of cardboard boxes.

You do not have to bundle your flattened cardboard boxes, but remove any plastic tape and shipping label holders from the exterior of the boxes. Our capable loaders will take it from there and ensure eco-friendly disposal.


Whether it’s all the big chewy boxes or just a hefty week of online ordering- cardboard is stacking up, and some trash services are running slow. Check out McJunk if you need some trash or recyclables gone. Call 919-850-4377for all your junk removal needs.