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Hoarder Junk Removal

Hoarder Cleanouts

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Most of us have a bit of clutter in our homes, but for some people, this accumulation and lack of control can quickly take over any house.

Some people’s homes become so cluttered that they become unsafe and unhealthy. This often affects all relationships, stress levels, and mental health.

Now there are so many different scenarios where you could find yourself in serious need of hoarding cleanup services. No matter what that situation McJunk is here to help you every step of the way.

You could have a family member that has a problem and needs help. Maybe there has been a death in the family and it turns out that they were hoarding, or you work in property management and come across a ton of hoarded things you need to be removed.

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How We Handle Hoarding

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At McJunk, we do all we can do take the stress out of your hands, we handle all of the heavy lifting. We can help you move out just about anything you could need. We can deal with people going room by room and getting rid of things, we understand it’s a big undertaking for everyone involved.

A complete cleaning is also possible. We’ve also done plenty of jobs where we just come in and remove literally everything from a home, that’s no problem for us. We can clean out just about any amount of junk from just about any space you can imagine. If you have junk, we’re going to haul it off for you.

If we do have to go room by room, we’ll set up staging areas for junk to be sorted and either tossed out or kept. Cleaning up a hoarders nest is not to be underestimated, the junk often weighs hundreds of pounds and sometimes our junk removal experts have to wear protective equipment because the conditions are so unsanitary. If you need a mess cleaned up, you need McJunk.

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Don’t Stress Yourself

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Don’t go into this alone. A mess this big is going to add serious stress to your life.

Your best option is to call in the professionals to help you get through it all. McJunk will help you both clear all of the junk out and will haul it away. We can haul anything from old toasters to old clothes and an old clunker of a car and a broken refrigerator.

We’ll also do our best to be discrete during this time. We know it’s a difficult time, and all of our junk removal experts always act with the utmost respect and courtesy when we’re dealing with someone that has to part with their possessions. 


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What Will We Take?

For the most part if your junk isn’t regarded as hazardous, chemical, or biological waste, will fit in our truck, and our crew can safely load it, we will remove it from your home.

We will only take paint cans if the paint inside is dry. Call us to find out how to dry your paint so that we can take it for you.

Environmentally Responsible

McJunk is the Triangle’s greenest junk removal company. No other company in the area is as committed to recycling.

When we remove your unwanted or unneeded items we then sort them thoroughly so that it may be directed to the most suitable facility, such as a local recycling facility or charity. We collaborate with several non-profit organizations that can salvage goods and donate them to people in need.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our commercial services are based on volume, meaning how much space your junk takes up in our truck, and (depending on the scope of the work) labor hours.

For constriction jobs we will come out to survey the project and then provide you with a written estimate in the form of an email.

Construction and Demolition debris is priced by size and weight.