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Though more people recycle and reduce their waste, some items still need to be thrown out once they’ve stopped being useful. Some things are easier to dispose of than others. Electronic waste is an excellent example of items that can’t be mixed in with regular garbage.

Electronic Waste (E-Waste)

E-waste, in the form of old computers, printers, and phones, contains many metal and plastic pieces that don’t decompose and allow toxic chemicals to seep into the earth if they aren’t correctly handled when it comes time for disposal.

That’s why electronic waste can’t just be tossed in the garbage can with the rest of the trash. Unfortunately, even though e-waste is full of metals and other potentially recyclable materials, such devices can’t be placed in the recycle bin, either. All the little pieces need to be disassembled, and most recycle centers don’t have the tools or time for electronic waste.

Proper Disposal

Proper e-waste disposal is essential, of course, so it’s also critical to know where to send it. That said, it can take a bit of research to find where and how to dispose of electronic waste in any given area properly. Generally, though, specialized donation or recycle centers designed to handle e-waste are a good start. Some places have community electronic waste removal days as well, similar to community paper shredder days. Contacting local community offices to see if they offer such events might yield some surprisingly beneficial results.

Private companies will also haul off electronic waste for either a small fee or scrap value of the metal pieces. Search for companies via a web search engine. These companies have the right tools to handle safe recycling and disposal of electronic waste, making such companies useful if one cannot locate a nearby or reliable municipal or community center for such e-waste removal.

Protect the Environment

Though it can take some work to find a safe way to dispose of or recycle e-waste, it’s definitely worth the effort. A lot of time and material goes into the creation of electronics. All the parts can be hazards to the ecosystem as well as valuable recyclable materials. Though some searching may be required, properly disposing of e-waste is always a good idea. Helping the planet is essential. Proper handling of e-waste helps a lot.


Don’t have the time to search for locations to dispose of your residential and electronic waste properly? McJunk can help. We will sort all your unwanted items into three categories: recycling, donations, and landfill. Then we’ll haul it away and dispose of it properly. Contact us at 919-850-4377 for all your junk hauling needs.