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In the United States, every locality is assigned legal dumping grounds to ensure safe waste disposal. However, the problem of illegal waste dumping is on the rise these days and is undoubtedly the dominant reason for environmental pollution. Here are some reasons to promote ethical junk removal and disposal.

Common Illegal Dumping

Here are some common forms of illegal dumping:

  • Burning of waste
  • Burying waste in non-designated landfills
  • Placing improper waste in dumpsters (i.e., construction waste, appliances)
  • Disposing waste on the roadsides, vacant lots, or in drainage

Improper waste disposal is punishable by law, and hence one must be vigilant to avoid it. Every citizen should report any illegal dumping to the authorities to prevent it from becoming a persistent problem.

Environmental Effects

Some of the environmental effects associated with illegal dumping:

Soil and Water Pollution: Illegal sites are not maintained to ensure safe disposal or waste collection. Hence, over time as the waste breaks down, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, other dangerous elements seep through the soil and eventually end up in water sources. When these contaminants enter the food chain, they become a health hazard.

Fall in Property Rates: Dumping along roadsides or in illegal areas not cleaned by the municipalities, the waste decomposes and infiltrates the entire locality with noxious smells. The stinky surroundings are a breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies, and rodents. Such unclean environments are unappealing and result in real estate price drops.

If all people pledge to abide by basic practices like safe garbage disposal, we can ensure a healthier environment.

Safe Waste Disposal

Sorting Waste: Most of the areas in the US have guidelines for waste segregation. However, there are not many who follow these guidelines. Abiding by the laws and segregating waste into recyclable, non-recyclable, and hazardous waste reduces landfills and keeps harmful waste out of the environment. By separating waste ensures proper disposal.

Recycling: Many localities today have curbside recycling available. Recycling is a great way to reduce waste headed for landfills. Pay attention to what can and cannot be placed in the recycle bin. Mixing items that are not accepted could cause a whole batch of waste to be rejected. If curbside collection is not available, there are communal collection sites where recyclable items can be dropped.

Reuse: Processing recyclable waste at home is hardly possible, but reusing is. We must try to reuse whatever possible. This practice minimizes the waste going out of each household and ultimately decreases the burden on the already brimming landfill sites.


If you need help with waste disposal, especially recycling and reusing, a residential junk removal service is the answer. McJunk promotes ethical junk removal. We’ll haul away your unwanted items and donate, recycle, or dispose of them as required. Give us a call at 919-850-4377.