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Yard Waste Removal Tips

McJunk junk removal 2It seems like it was just this time last year, but now it’s time again where you need to deal with all of your yard waste. While it may SEEM like an easy process, yard work in general can easily become overwhelming and be exhausting. This process is not complicated, but you need to know where to start. With the right tips and motivation, you can maintain a wonderfully clean and orderly yard. Below are some tips that will help you to remove your yard waste and just deal with yard work in general.

Invest in the right bags

Waste bags can actually vary a lot, you need to know exactly what you need for your specific yard. The different types of waste, organic and non-organic cannot all go into one type of bag. The best alternative that will accommodate the leaves, twigs, weeds, and grass without any trouble are biodegradable bags. You should be able to seal these bags up and just put them out with your trash, most trash companies will certainly take them. If you aren’t sure you can always contact your trash removal service and see when they do yard trimming collection.

Know yard waste pickup days

Trash companies have a schedule for how they pick trash considering that they have to visit different areas of a town. It is difficult for companies to pick trash on a daily basis from the same stops, they plan it out in such a way that they sweep across their area and in the span of a week cover it all. The last thing you want it something to happen to your trash on the curb spreading it all over the place, so we recommend timing putting out your trash with when it’ll be picked up, ideally on the night before. A lot of people don’t even know that trash companies pick up yard stuff, a lot of people just assume you have to take it to a dump yourself.

Rent a dumpster

For companies or individuals with large yards, renting a dumpster will come in handy for gathering all of the stuff in your yard you’re looking to get rid of. While renting a dumpster comes with an extra cost, it is well worth it. Dumpsters are more useful for larger areas. With a dumpster, you don’t have to bundle everything up or wait for the trash to come, you can load up the dumpster at your own rate. You also eliminate any risk of your stuff falling out and spreading trash all around. A junk removal company should be able to both rent you out the dumpster and come pick it up when you’re done. For big projects, this is certainly the easier way to go and we fully recommend it.

Do something alternative

ba 5 junkremovalFor individuals with big chunks of wood, a chipper is a great solution. Transporting wood from one place to another is time consuming, cumbersome, as well as tiring. And in a lot of city limits, you’re prohibited from burning in your yard so that option is off the table. A chipper will turn your wood into mulch, and that serves as a great base for any plants or open areas of your yard. One fantastic thing you can do with your yard clippings is starting a compost pile. A compost pile is essentially all of the biodegradable stuff that you usually throw away, but instead, you keep it all together and eventually, it will turn into super-rich soil that you can use in your own garden! This kills two birds with one stone, you don’t have to worry about buying fertilizer and your plant debris is all taken care of! Plus, you’ll have a booming garden with that great soil.

Their is nothing wrong with enlisting help with your yard work and removal of any surpluses. A lot of people call in junk removal companies to take care of this stuff, more than you’d think. If you’re anywhere near the Raleigh Triangle area, McJunk is the company you need for all of your junk removal needs.