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The transition from winter to spring is transformative as nature pushes itself out of dormancy and prepares for the warm weather ahead. Some experts say that spring is the perfect time to open windows and air out the living space. Likewise, as a society, we consider this season of rebirth the ideal time for rearranging and cleaning, otherwise known as “Spring Cleaning.” The excessive clutter accumulated during our own “hibernation” becomes an annoyance. So why does this stuff seem like a burden in the springtime? Let’s discuss some benefits of why spring is an excellent time for “spring cleaning.”

Why Spring Is the Perfect Season to Clean

According to a Bona and Harris Poll survey, 50% of the adults in America believe that spring is the best time for cleaning, decluttering and removing junk from home. So, what are the resulting benefits?

  • A clean, organized home reduces anxiety and creates a calm environment
  • Getting rid of unwanted items is a cleansing experience and lifts spirits
  • Less dust and allergens to inhale
  • Cleans mold and mildew and the harm they cause people
  • Improves air quality when windows are opened, and the home is aired out
  • Reduces the number of harmful bacteria on surfaces
  • Reduces risk of slipping, tripping, or falling due to accumulated clutter in hallways, pathways, and stairways
  • Decreases risk of fire when piles of combustible materials are removed
  • The physical act of cleaning gets the blood flowing after a season of inactivity
  • Activities at home (i.e., cooking, working, etc.) are more efficient because needed items are easily located

Undoubtedly, spring cleaning is a positive experience, but what if it’s not going according to plan this year?

Professional Junk Removal

Spring cleaning can sound so easy, but sometimes piles of junk have a way of making it challenging. That’s why junk removal professionals focus on providing efficient, quality customer service.


As the greenest junk removal company in North Carolina, McJunk strives to keep 80% of the junk they haul from going into a landfill. Locally owned and operated since 2008, McJunk specializes in hoarder, estate, and whole-house cleanouts. Don’t trust just anyone to handle your junk removal needs. These junk removal specialists are timely, polite, and customer oriented. McJunk’s friendly staff understands that spring cleaning is a crucial part of the year that gives individuals the fresh start they need to begin the year on the right foot. They offer a free, no-obligation estimate. So, whether you need junk removed from a business, estate, or construction site, jump-start your spring-cleaning efforts and call (919) 850-4377 today.