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Many cities and towns offer curbside recycling. Other places have central collection centers for recyclable items. Some cities even require recycling. So, if you recycle, you spend time sorting papers and plastics from your trash each week. However, there are household items that you might not even realize are recyclable. Some can go to the curb with the rest of the recyclables, but others are a bit complicated and require additional handling.

Residential Junk Removal: Handling Recyclables


Junk mail, newspapers, magazines, and printer papers can go straight into the regular paper recycling bin. However, books cannot. If you have books in good condition, donating them is best instead of recycling them. Numerous charities, schools, libraries, and used bookstores will gladly accept your assortment of books.

Old Electronics

While you can’t just toss out your old electronics, it doesn’t mean they can’t be recycled. Bring your old television, power cords, old laptops, and other electronics to a recycling center equipped to deal with electronic materials. Some retail stores also accept electronics for recycling, i.e., Best Buy.

Coffee Pods

Do you use single-use coffee pods? If you do, start recycling the little plastic cups. With a little effort, these plastic cups can be recycled with your regular recycling. You can sort them according to the materials used for manufacturing from coffee grounds (compost), plastic, or aluminum.

Holiday Decorations

After any holiday, the next thing to do is clean up. So what do you do with all these wrappings and decorations? Some local home improvement stores take old holiday lights and offer a coupon in return. In addition, select shipping companies will take back the old packing peanuts for recycling.

Ink Cartridges

Not all ink cartridges are refillable. Printer cartridges also contain toxic material that should not go into your trash. However, most office supply stores will gladly take them off your hands and send them to the proper recycling centers. Some of these even reward you.


It is illegal in some states to throw rechargeable batteries in the trash. However, single-use and rechargeable batteries can be recycled. In addition, some areas have a battery drop-off at public institutions like post offices and libraries.

It takes a little effort, but recycling can keep dangerous chemicals out of landfills where they can leach into groundwater. Every little step we take can protect and improve our environment for future generations.


Recycling is not only good for the environment, but it also saves you money. So next time you need help with your residential junk removal, contact McJunk and let us handle the extra stress. All items we take are either recycled, donated, or trashed. We take pride in being an environmentally responsible company. Contact us at 919-850-4377.