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The idea of giving a home a new lease of life with remodeling, renovation, or makeover projects is an exciting experience for most homeowners. But it’s not all sunshine and roses. There is a not-so-desirable side to these construction projects – i.e., the unsightly heaps of debris and rubble that follow. The waste can include shingles, drywall, broken bricks/tiles, plasterboards, windows, doors, concrete slabs, flooring, and glass pieces.

After the renovation is complete, the question is – how to clean up the piles of trash when the task doesn’t fall within the mandate of the local trash company? While there are several options available, junk hauling services make the most sense—and here’s why.

Why Hire a Junk Hauling Service for Remodeling Projects?

Reduces Safety Risks: Some debris from renovation projects may pose health risks to homeowners or contractors. This hazard may include cuts or bruises, injuries from lifting heavy items, or even respiratory problems from the dust and fine particles that characterize construction sites. Luckily, professionals offering junk removal services are well-equipped and experienced in handling potentially harmful debris.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that there’s a reliable company on call to get rid of the mess that follows a remodeling project only leaves room for excitement—allowing the construction or home décor designing to go a lot smoother.

Time-Saving: With experience and the necessary equipment comes a certain pedigree to work quickly and efficiently. For example, the team at McJunk can respond rapidly to your schedule and clear out unwanted stuff in a few hours.

Inexpensive: Dumping typically attracts dump fees that can quickly rack up. Additionally, homeowners have to rent a dumpster, which may require a permit, along with other red tape and expense. By hiring a junk hauling service, all these steps are skipped—as these companies take care of everything.

Better for the Environment: The best junk removal services promote ethical and eco-friendly practices such as recycling, donating items for repurposing, and disposing of debris sustainably in the proper facility.

McJunk – You Remodel, We Cleanup

With the safety and health risks, labor, time, and costs associated with junk removal and construction projects, it’s a lot more convenient to hire a junk hauling service. And if you’re looking for a dependable company that always delivers, McJunk has you covered. We specialize in residential and commercial eco-friendly junk hauling services in Raleigh and neighboring environs. Give us a call at 919-850-4377 to learn more about how we can help.