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Old beds and bed frames can be a hassle to remove from a home. They are bulky, heavy, and require some work to disassemble. As a result, many homeowners struggle to get rid of them.
Mattresses, bed frames, and other bed parts can indeed be hard to discard. But this is only the case when someone tries to dispose of a bed without the proper information. This article will make the process easier.

Many bed frames will not fit through the door of the room where they are located. Several steps are needed to take apart a bed frame to get rid of it. Know that solutions are not limited to one option, though. Some homeowners opt to disassemble a bed and get rid of it on their own. Others call their local junk removal company. These companies can help lessen the burden of bed frame disposal and disassembly!

How to Disassemble a Bed

McJunk bed frame disposal The bed frame should be dismantled first. Get the mattress and box spring off the bed. A few tools might be required to get the bed frame taken apart. But it shouldn’t be too hard.
Loosen up the footboard with a screwdriver, then remove it and put it aside. Next, get the bed away from the wall and loosen the headboard. Do this gently and unscrew the headboard, then put it aside. The body of the frame is the last thing to be loosened. Bolts hold the frame together; they will have to be removed once this is done, pile the frame parts up. Bed rails and other parts might need to be taken apart, but this depends on the type of bed. If nothing else needs to be removed, the next step can be taken.

Call McJunk to Get Rid of Your Bed

old and dirty mattress left on the side of the street At this point, once the bed frame is taken apart, a local junk disposal company can be called. Anyone based in the Raleigh area should contact McJunk for disposal services. Homeowners can visit their website and talk to a representative to book an appointment and discuss what needs to be removed from the home.

Once an appointment has been scheduled, the company will come to the property and pick up the bed, including the disassembled frame, mattress, and bedspring. Since McJunk is a Reuse, Recycle, Donate, and Disposal company, they will decide where each item will be taken.

Taking apart a bed will make the job simpler for a disposal company. It could also be cheaper. But it’s not necessary to disassemble the bed frame McJunk can take care of everything. Prices will vary for services but call McJunk to get a quote. With years of experience and great prices, getting rid of a bed has never been easier when you use McJunk removal services. Just call 919-850-4377 to discuss your bed frame disposal needs with a representative.