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Have you ever hired a company to come to your home to do a specific job for you but when they leave you feel like you were talked into doing more than you wanted or more than what was agreed to? There is a term for this, bait and switch. Many companies advertise their service for a lower amount than normal to get their customers hooked into an appointment then once they are on site the original amount you thought you were going to pay goes up. Of course, you want the work done and they are already there so most often you end up paying more for the convenience.

McJunk is very honest and upfront with our customers about our pricing and surcharges. We want our customers to be able to see what a load size may look like and compare it to their own pile of junk. So, we have a price estimator on our website that allows our customers to do just that. Of course, this is to help our customers understand what a load size may look like it does not meant to be a final estimate. Our professional estimators show up, free of charge, to give our customers an accurate estimate of how much junk they have and what the cost will be. At this time, we will also inform our customers of any surcharges. Surcharges are additional fees we charge for certain items such as, tires & mattresses. We charge these surcharges because we are charged extra to dispose of them. Many items that we cannot recycle or reuse include the items with surcharges attached.

If you have seen our website, you may already know that we base our prices on volume. This means, the amount of space your pile of junk takes up in our truck is how we determine the amount to charge our customers. Amounts and prices range from a minimum load ($79.00) to a full truck load ($450.00). When we are on site doing an estimate, we by no means expect our potential customers to choose us out of convenience. We do not believe in a bait and switch tactic. We believe our customers will choose us because we give them the most value for the price, we are honest, reliable, and upfront with all of our charges. We aren’t looking for a one time job we are looking for customers who will call us again because they know we are going to treat them like family.

There are times we work with companies like Groupon, Living Social and Angie’s List where we offer one or two deals. These deals are normally an extremely low price for the advertised load size. We encourage our customers to always look at our website to compare their pile with the amount advertised to make sure they understand what the advertised amount looks like. We will always do an estimate first to ensure our customers understand what they are getting. There have been many times that our customers have a pile of junk that is larger than the advertised deal we are offering. At those times, our professional estimators show the customer the amount of items that would be included in the deal. We will also give them an estimate for the remained of the items but do not expect them to purchase this service just because we are there and it is convenient. This is the nature of our business. We cannot always determine the exact price until we see what your junk pile looks like. Our prices are based on volume and we cannot determine volume over the phone. While we do try to give tentative estimates over the phone, for convenience, we can better serve our customers with a free no obligation estimates on site for an accurate price.

We hope we have answered any questions or concerns you may have had about our surcharges and pricing. If we haven’t please feel free to contact us at or 919-850-4377. Check out our price estimator at We are always willing to help you understand our business.