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There comes a time when most homeowners realize that their living space is no longer meeting their needs. So, the first thing they do is hire a home remodeling company or start a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project. Either way, home remodeling projects tend to generate quite a bit of waste materials and other junk, such as old fixtures, appliances, and cabinets.

Junk Removal in Apex NC: Remodeling Project Waste

It is estimated that about 30% of waste in landfills comes from home remodeling endeavors. Home remodeling can be an exhilarating experience, but junk can often be an eyesore in your home and neighborhood. So, what can homeowners do in a situation like this? Keep reading to learn how to best deal with home remodeling junk removal.

What Are the Options for Junk Removal?

For the most part, home remodeling generates large objects like drywall pieces, doors, wall paneling, or cabinets that can’t fit in ordinary garbage trucks. In addition, most curbside trash collectors refuse to pick up construction refuse. Generally, a homeowner only has a couple of options to deal with waste and junk items generated from their home remodeling project. However, below are some options that are available in most areas.

Haul It Yourself. If you have a large truck and the project is small, this might be the solution. But check a few things first: Are you physically able and have the time to load all the debris into the truck? Does the local dump or landfill accept construction debris? Is there a fee? How many trips will it take?

Dumpster Rental. Most dumpster rental companies offer affordable rates. In addition, they usually provide dumpsters in several sizes, such as 10, 20, and 30 yards. DIY homeowners need only determine the size their project requires.

Junk Removal Company.  Hiring a junk removal company is an excellent option for DIYers who aren’t interested in loading and hauling their unwanted junk to a landfill. In addition, many junk removal companies will sort the materials into recyclables, reusables, and trash and dispose of them accordingly. Junk removal companies are the most reliable option for homeowners who want to keep their renovation waste out of landfills.

Residential Junk Removal at Its Finest

When homeowners in the Raleigh Triangle area decide to turn to a junk removal company for their home remodel, the obvious choice is McJunk. The company’s residential junk removal services are top-tier, and their experienced staff will take away unwanted junk and deal with it responsibly. As the Triangle’s greenest junk removal company, McJunk will thoroughly sort through the junk they remove from any residence to determine the best course of action. In addition, they collaborate with many charities and nonprofits to donate and salvage usable items.


McJunk has provided professional junk removal services since 2008. If you or someone you know needs home remodeling junk disposed of responsibly, contact them at 919-850-4377 for an estimate now.