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McJunk recycling The practice of recycling waste is necessary when considering the amount of waste that we generate. The degradation of nature and the toll on mother Earth is essential to address nowadays. The age-old concept of 3Rs, Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce, has now been expanded to the 5Rs to include Repurpose and Refuse.

The ultimate aim is to manage waste. Out of all the practices, recycling remains the dominant one. However, the scope of recycling is no longer only restricted to just paper, cans, and glass. With the increasing advancement in technology, we can now recycle almost everything that we use.

Household Recyclables

With increasing awareness and the pressure from municipalities, most of us are now familiar with the practice of segregating household waste into recyclable and nonrecyclable material. However, many waste companies fail to educate their customers on proper recycling! There are many items that the waste company does not recycle, but can be recycled elsewhere around town. Check the list below and see some everyday household items which can be easily recycled:

CFL bulbs – You cannot toss them into your trash. Check with your local recycling center for proper disposal. Some retail stores also have recycling drop-off containers for these bulbs.

Batteries – All sorts of cells can be easily recycled at home improvement or electronic appliance stores.

Computer ink and toner – These cartridges can be recycled. Drop them at business supply stores or have them refilled and reuse them.

Recyclable plastics – Look at the number inside the triangle stamped on the bottom of the container. Containers with numbers 1-5 are easily recycled, and most waste haulers accept them.

Glass bottles, metal cans, softcover books, loose paper – These are the everyday items that most waste haulers will pick-up curbside. No curbside pick-up in your area? Check for a recycling center in your area that accepts these items.

So basically, recycling is no more restricted to biodegradable kitchen waste and paper but has moved far ahead. It is a much better approach to recycle and reuse than to fill up the landfills with toxic stuff and contribute to the menace of pollution.

Recycling Large Materials

Even the larger items like appliances and furniture can be recycled, reused, or disposed of in a better manner.
To get large items recycled, you may need to arrange a special pick up time with the local waste hauler. Many retailers will take an old appliance when delivering a new one for a minimal charge. You can also contact a local appliance repair shop to see if they want it for the parts or resale.

Still think recycling is too labor-intensive? Nowadays, some businesses will handle the sorting and removal on your behalf. Mc Junk is one such business offering these services. They will help you sort through that attic, garage, or basement and properly recycle or dispose of all unneeded items. Call 919-850-4377 to arrange for a pick-up.