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The garage is one of the most unappreciated spaces in the house. Most people use their garage as a dumping ground for unwanted, broken, or “maybe I’ll need this in the future” items. Keeping this space clutter-free, this is a losing battle, but there comes a time when you have to clean it. Most people find that the garage is overflowing with an insane amount of cobwebs and junk, and cleaning it is an overwhelming thought. Organizing the messy garage and scheduling junk removal is made easier if you follow these simple tips:

Declutter Your Garage – Take it Back Today

McJunk residential junk removal Set aside a whole day. Start by getting everything out of the garage. Pile the items on your driveway and sort into a keep, sell, donate, or throw out piles. Don’t get caught up organizing the collection of things to keep. If there is a large number of items to throw out, call a reliable junk removal company to handle the trash.

Clean Your Garage

Everything is out, and the garage is empty. Clean the garage top to bottom. Dust with a dry rag, then wipe surfaces with a damp cloth. If there is mold, use warm water with vinegar or bleach. Clean the walls top to bottom. Mop the floor. Spread clay cat litter to help absorb any oil. Scrub the stubborn grease and oil stains using a wire scrub brush.

Organizing Your Garage

Come up with a plan. Plan how you want to hold items. Purchase boxes or containers, if needed, and have them on hand.

Categorize Your Belongings

Make smaller piles from your keep pile and categorize them either by function or size. Get your tools in one box, nuts and bolts in the other, and so forth. Place sporting equipment in another pile. It makes your work more manageable, and misplacing items becomes a thing of the past.

Use boxes or bins you have on hand to store the items. Don’t make the mistake of getting one big box and placing all the things in there. Sort all the smaller items out and put them in small boxes. Label the boxes so you don’t have to open them to find out what’s inside.  Place boxes that include items that are not needed regularly on the higher shelves.

Organize Everything!

Getting the garage cleaned out and organized makes it look much better, with no wasted space, and you have an easier time working in the garage.

If you have too much junk, a residential junk removal company can help you out with it. McJunk is a residential junk removal company capable of handling all your trash with ease. Contact us today and get a quote. Leave the trash to the professionals.