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Upgrading to new furniture is fun, but the headache comes in disposing of the old furniture. This chore is not like any other junk removal process because furniture is big like chairs, sofas, tables, and desks. These aren’t the type of junk you can stuff into a trash bag. However, the solution has to be found before the new couch arrives. With this type of junk removal, there are several options:

Getting Rid of Old Furniture

McJunk furniture Talk to your trash company. Most waste management companies today have the option of picking up large items like old furniture. This pick-up usually has to be scheduled. Some companies schedule “big trash pick up” days. Be sure to check with your waste management company about disposing of large items.

Donate. The couch might be old, but to someone else, it’s not junk. Some charitable organizations and shelters will appreciate a couch. Make sure the sofa is cleaned and in good condition before you donate.

Sell it. Old furniture doesn’t always mean junk removal. You might feel the need to replace your furniture with a new set, but the one being replaced is in excellent condition and can fetch good cash in the market. Try selling the old furniture, especially if it’s in excellent condition. It might be old in your eyes but modern and refreshing in the eyes of another person.

Don’t Be Afraid to Part With Your Old Furniture

Give it away. Leave the old furniture on the curb with a sign written: “free.” The furniture will disappear, especially if it’s in good condition. Maybe you won’t even get to close the door after leaving the couch.

Hire a professional junk removal company. Sometimes the old furniture might be an eyesore to you and other people if left outside. There is no space inside as the new couch has arrived. Getting rid of old furniture isn’t easy, and most trash companies won’t pick up those big items unless you notify them first and schedule a pick-up. On top of that, some municipalities impose fines for improper dumping of furniture. To avoid all this, get in touch with a professional junk removal company. Furniture is big and heavy, and junk removal companies have the equipment to load and carry the furniture and take it away. Let the professionals handle this and keep things green and your old stuff out of a landfill.

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