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house-junk-removalHave you thought of getting rid of clutter this holiday season? Clutter can quickly attract insects and eat up all the valuable space in your home. When you declutter, you get more room to entertain and some extra space to put your decorations. Here are some ideas to declutter for the holiday season.

Digital holiday cards
Forget about traditional holiday cards and instead, invest in digital cards that eliminate clutter in your home. You can even digitize your collection of previous cards and share them in a more compact way.

Opt for gifts you can consume
Consumable gifts are perfect for the holidays if you really don’t want to deal with clutter when it’s over. You simply won’t have many items to add to your household inventory. Furthermore, holiday seasons are usually packed with family members so the consumables are likely to save you lots of cash. These are the kind of gifts that will only stick around your home on a temporary basis.

Get rid of old decorations
There are probably lots of decorations from previous holidays that are no longer in use. Feel free to discard them or give them away to a local charity. You can identify a charity that accepts used decorations that are in good condition. Consider having only the necessary items that you need at this time of the year instead of piling junk.

Go easy on the decorations
Sometimes less is more even when it comes to holiday decorations. Try and look for simple ways to decorate your home without piling so many pieces of décor in every area. For instance, have a beautifully decorated table cloth to revamp the dining area instead of small pieces of Christmas decorations everywhere. You’ll have less clutter to deal with in coming holidays.

Donate what you don’t need
When you receive a gift, donate something similar to the object that you receive. It’s a simple way to avoid clutter and keep necessary items in your home. You can also show kids how to give back when they receive especially stuff like toys.

Allocate space for overnight guests
During the holiday season, chances are that you will be having some overnight guests. Have a place where you can put their luggage or items that they come with to your home. Having people and suitcases all over your house will make space feel cluttered and create more stress for your entire family.

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