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How do I Get Rid of an Old Box Spring?

old and dirty mattress left on the side of the street Box springs are used as a stable platform that supports your mattress to ensure that the weight evenly distributed, and you can stay as comfortable as possible. Without it, your mattress would gradually start sagging in different areas, which could turn it into an uncomfortable and lumpy mess. Humans sleep for around 1/3 of our lives so it’s very important that we sleep well when we do, the quality of your sleep often dictates to some degree how your day goes.

It’s generally recommended that if you get a new mattress, you also try to invest in a new box spring, just for the sake of keeping them the same age. While high-quality box springs can last anywhere between 10-20 years, unfortunately, low-quality ones may only last a few years, and there are a handful of red flags to help you spot signs of a worn-out box spring. A quick visual inspection will give you plenty of clues of a dated bed frame, things you will want to look out for are;

  • Any broken slats.
  • Squeaking noises, which may be indicative of weak joints,
  • Sagging or bowing.

Box springs are more recyclable than you may imagine, they’re mostly made of wood which is always going to have some kind of recyclability or possible alternative usage. Even if you want to just use some of the wood for a home project and use the rest as fire starter, that’s far better than just throwing it all away! If you just throw it away, the cloth and other parts of it will never break down and will just harm the local wildlife.

Disposing of an Old Box Spring

Some people may think they can just literally throw out their box spring, but they’re not so easy to get rid of and you need to be mindful when you do it. Not only would you have to contend with some very unhappy neighbors, but you could face hundreds of dollars in fines and penalties if you’re caught littering so just don’t do that. Here are some methods you need to consider;

  • If it still has some life in it, donate it to a local shelter or charity.
  • The cost of recycling mattresses and box springs has decreased; if you live close to a recycling center this is a fantastic option.
  • Box springs are bulky and heavy, if you just want it out of your house then we recommend calling in a home junk removal company to take care of it.

Whatever you do, just ensure that you’re not littering or doing something counterproductive with your box spring, be smart about what you do. If you need further advice or guidance, contact us. Sustainability is extremely important to us, and we don’t want to see any junk disposed of improperly or littered.