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Disposing of old furniture can be challenging. This problem is especially true for large, bulky pieces like old couches. The initial reaction is to toss the furniture onto the curb and let the garbage truck handle the problem, but many curbside waste disposal companies will not pick up bulk items. Other solutions exist, though they can depend mainly on the actual condition of the furniture when it is time for disposal.

Junk Removal in Durham NC: Getting Rid of Old Furniture

Evaluating the Furniture

How desirable the furniture is can affect its disposal. For example, solid wood furniture in excellent condition is quickly sold or donated. On the other hand, getting rid of a ratty sleeper sofa is difficult. (Sleeper sofas, in general, tend to be the most difficult to dispose of because they are heavy). Finding the best solution for furniture removal might take some time, but it will be well worth it once it’s gone.

Most garbage trucks refuse to handle couches or other furniture because there’s a risk that such hefty pieces of junk will jam the truck compactor. So instead, it’s suggested that sofas and other furniture be sold, donated, dropped off at the dump, or removed by a professional junk hauler.

Sell or Give Away

Selling is an option for furniture in decent condition. Consignment and thrift stores are excellent options for selling furniture. For those who can’t transport the furniture out of the home, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are options as well. Don’t need the money? List the price as free.


If the furniture is usable, many nonprofit organizations will pick up pieces to sell or give to those in need. Picking up the item is especially handy for people who don’t have a way to transport the furniture to a drop-off location. Try contacting the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, or AMVETS in your area.

Dump or Landfill

If the couch cannot be reused, take it to the dump or landfill. First, check to see if the facility will accept furniture. If they take it, ask if they charge a fee. Sometimes there is an additional fee for large items. Please note that this is the least environmentally friendly option.

Professional Junk Hauler

If you want the furniture gone and don’t want to deal with how to do it, contact a professional junk hauler like McJunk. One call, and your worries are over. McJunk will come to your home, evaluate the furniture, haul it away and either donate it, recycle it or properly dispose of it. So, give us a call today at 919-850-4377 to handle all your residential junk removal in Durham NC.