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McJunk junk removal At the end of the summer, people will prepare the next part of the year by cleaning out all of the junk from their home or office. The result is a massive flood of junk and old furniture needing removal. When looking at the large collection of old stuff waiting for junk removal, one discovers some interesting things. Over 80% of the “junk” is still useful and can be recycled or donated.

Businesses and residences cannot have a bunch of junk lying around and accumulating. All this amassed junk takes up a lot of space. Removing these items frees up space, improves the overall look of the home or office, and allows people to walk through the premises easily.

Leaving useful items at the curb or a big dumpster for trash removal may be easy, but is wasteful. Most things picked up by garbage companies end up in a landfill. If items are still useful, they should not be sent to landfills to take up space. And any hazardous or biological waste requires special handling. (Look for the regulations in your area for these items.)

Clothing is a big part of the junk removal process because it clears up closet space. Unwanted clothing in good condition can be donated to any number of charitable organizations or shelters. When doing a fall cleaning and heading into colder months, donations of coats and jackets are particularly welcome.

Fall is also the time for cleaning up the yard. It’s time to get rid of downed branches and falling leaves, as well as broken pieces of the patio, rusted grills, punctured water hoses, dirtied hot tubs, and anything else that is disposable. Instead of letting these items clutter up the yard for the entire winter, dispose of them now.

Improving the home or office every six months by disposing of collected unwanted junk keeps accumulated stuff under control. Space is free to enjoy rather than being clogged with a pile of boxes. Dispose of things you haven’t touched since the last clean up. If you can’t part with it, bring out to be enjoyed.

Having a consistently clean area is healthy, and everyone knows a healthy home is a happy home.

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