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Over time most people accumulate stuff. Some items have sentimental value or are mementos from vacations; others are outdated things you don’t know how to dispose of. Regardless of their origin, these trinkets end up cluttering your home. This stuff can fill garages, basements, and attics. The most severe cases are known as hoarding – when a person cannot detach from items they’ve accumulated. But no matter the amount, piled objects can pose numerous problems for the home’s residents.

Junk Removal in Cary NC: Risks of Home Clutter

Health Issues

Believe it or not, excessive junk can affect physical health. While these items stack up, they can collect dust, grow mold, and attract vermin – all of which can lead to diseases and respiratory problems. Those with allergies or asthma are only increasing their chances of an attack. In addition, large amounts of clutter can cause mental health problems such as anxiety or depression.

Physical Hazards

Aside from immediate health factors, clutter can also be a terrible fire hazard. Not only can accumulated junk be a source of the fire, but blocked pathways and entryways can be catastrophic in the event of a fire. Keeping walkways clear is essential to avoid slips, trips, and falls.

Structural Damage

Mounds of clutter can cause structural damage to your home. For example, after years of weight placed on specific walls or floorboards, it can eventually cause weakness or collapse. A weakened structure can cause even more problems regarding repairs or even injury.

Junk Removal

Junk removal may feel overwhelming, but there are many ways to sort through your clutter and free up space. A professional junk removal company could help rid your home of all those unnecessary items and give you more room to live. After you’ve lived in such a cramped space, it’ll feel like a weight is lifted. Again, a clear space promotes happier mental health. Not only is your living area more open and functional, but you can redecorate or design to give it a facelift. Rewarding yourself for taking this big step is crucial because we know downsizing can be challenging.


Professional junk removal companies specialize in these types of moves, offering a helping hand and no judgment. McJunk can help with junk removal in Cary NC today. Our experienced team will recycle, donate or dispose of all your unwanted items, and soon you’ll enjoy a home with more space, more peace of mind, and free of health and safety hazards. Contact us today at 919-850-4377.