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There is excitement about the upcoming summer season. It’s time to get active in gardening activities. The first thing to do is clear a sunny area in the yard for planting. However, what is your plan for disposing of the junk occupying this unused yard space? Many people worry about what to do with their broken lawnmowers, rusted shovels, old wheelbarrows, and other tools accumulated in those underused corners of the yard. You cannot just place this idle equipment in the recycle bin. Here are some tips on how to dispose of these tools without adding them to the landfill.

Sort the Equipment Out

Start with checking and sorting your items as repairable, recyclable, disposable, and the ones which are worth donating.


Troubleshoot your equipment before disposing of it.  Many times equipment that isn’t working, can be easily fixed if you are able identify the problem.  Here’s a few steps to try that might bring a piece of equipment back to life.

Lawn Mowers – After the long winter, it’s common that there is a problem starting the lawnmower. However, this is not a reason to get a new lawnmower. Troubleshoot the problem, try the following tips:

  • Try igniting 3-4 times
  • Check for gas
  • Check the filters and clean them if required
  • Check if the oil needs changing

If these tips don’t resolve the problem, consider hiring a repair service. If the lawnmower is old and repairs will cost more than a new mower, you may want to purchase a replacement.

Chainsaws – Chainsaws may also have problems starting after a period of non-use. To troubleshoot your chainsaw, try the following:

  • Adjust the chain to required tightness, replace the chain in case of rust or breakage
  • Check if the bar is perfectly straight. Any bends or rust in the bar can cause a malfunction
  • Check if the ratio of gas to oil is perfect. In case there is any imbalance, the chainsaw may not operate smoothly.

Leaf blowers – Leaf blowers can get clogged and might stop functioning altogether. In such a case, you need to remove the nozzle of the blower and clean out the debris. If your troubleshooting is unsuccessful, old leaf blowers can be recycled. Look for a recycling center in your area or contact a junk removal company Raleigh.

Weed Eaters – If your electric weed eater is not functioning correctly, check the cord because a frayed power cord is the most common cause for weed eaters to not function. If your gas weed eater isn’t working, check that the gas-oil mixture used is correct. If you need to dispose of the weed eater, look for a recycling center that accepts them. If it is gas-powered, be sure the gas tank is empty before disposal.

If you’re looking for junk removal in Raleigh that can help you discard your old yard tools, contact McJunk. Leave this job up to us. We’ll recycle, donate, or properly dispose of any items we remove. Call 919-850-4377 to schedule a pick-up.