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Having a space where you can be productive is essential for any business, and keeping it organized should remain a priority. A cluttered workspace will distract your mind as you look around at all the things that need to be done or put away. Having a clean office not only increases productivity but can reduce stress. If you have customers coming in, they’re more likely to trust your abilities if it seems you can keep order within your company. Tackling this task may seem overwhelming, so here are a few tips for decluttering.

Junk Removal Tips: Office Clean-ups

Necessities – Get rid of items that don’t relate to your work or productivity. Your workspace shouldn’t be loaded with things that don’t support your work routine. This includes any distractions, personal items, or items that bring negative energy to your office. You could also take drastic measures and remove everything if you can’t decide, only adding items back in as you need them. This method helps sort out those pesky things that hang around because you ‘might need them one day.’

Be Practical – Once you’ve decluttered your space, find the items you use regularly. Be sure you store these where you can quickly and easily access them. Then you can arrange the rest of the office. Place the things you need or frequently use within an arm’s length, and the tools or files only occasionally used elsewhere – such as a file cabinet in the corner. Find storage solutions that work for your niche.

Sort It Out – The things that didn’t make the first cut must also be sorted. The easiest method is the ‘pile method.’ First, create a keep pile and a recycle/donate/trash pile. Then, if you’re looking for some extra cash, sell items online. Otherwise, hire a professional junk removal company to take care of your recycle/donate/trash pile.

Digitize – As your office begins to regain its order, another helpful idea may be to digitize your files. Many files need to be kept, even for several years, so instead of storing them in a bulky file cabinet, scan them and save them in a folder on your computer or a flash drive.

Organize & Maintain – Now that your office is clean and organized, the key is to maintain it. Whatever comes into your office, be sure it has a place or an intention; if not, get rid of it. Purge paperwork often, upload what you need for your records, and recycle or shred the rest.

Follow these steps and you not only have a cleaner, but an organized office where you’ll be more productive and less stressed.


Does your office need a clean-out? McJunk can help. Junk removal is our area of expertise. We’ll help sort your stuff and then recycle, donate and dispose of it in the most environmentally responsible way. Contact us at 919-850-4377 and see what we can do for you.