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Recycling Your Junk!

McJunk large appliance removal When it comes to recycling, you may not know but you can take care of various other household junk items aside from cans, plastic glass, and paper. You can also go the creative route and repurpose, reuse, or recycle almost any junk you are looking to get rid of. Every piece of furniture or appliance in your home can be taken apart and the components recycled to get the best yield possible.

Junk removal and waste disposal services are making a move to go green. Most of us have different bin compartments or trash bins for all kinds of materials to be recycled. Green junk removal in Raleigh and recycling is being encouraged everywhere through signs, public service announcements, and ads.

Improved Recycling Has Benefits That Include:

–       Prevention of waste going into water bodies

–       Conserving fresh water in the mining and manufacturing process for different materials

–       Helping to conserve limited natural resources

–       Reducing carbon dioxide emissions and fossil fuel energy use

–       Protecting forests and in turn helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions

You may need to get rid of larger household items such as sports equipment and furniture. Almost everyone has something they need to get rid of at some point due to becoming outdated/unusable, wearing out, or breaking. Even companies may at some point need to get rid of old equipment or other trash, we can do that too!

Household Items You Can Recycle

Most of the things that end up in municipal waste dumps might could have been reused, repurposed, or recycled. One of the best things about McJunk hoarder cleanout household junk is that there are various common materials comprising these items that can be recycled. Once you know what these waste materials are and become conscious in junk removal and disposal practices in Raleigh, then you will be able to make a significant difference in your recycling efforts.

  1. Old Power Cords and Chargers- we upgrade our electronic and digital devices regularly and these items can be donated or recycled to give them a longer life.
  2. Old TVs- this includes newer flat screen models as well. They usually contain harmful ingredients and chemicals. Old CRT TVs may contain heavy metals such as lead and dangerous gasses that can escape.
  3. CFL bulbs- these cannot be thrown in a recycle or trash bin but you can recycle them. CFL bulbs can be dropped off at various stores for safe disposal. You can also dispose of them safely at any hazardous waste facility.
  4. Batteries- You can recycle almost any type of battery, but car batteries are the easiest and most worthwhile to recycle.
  5. Computer cartridges- you can refill and recycle printer ink and toner cartridges as they have toxic materials that are not meant to go in the trash. Business supply stores usually take old ink cartridges for recycling.
  6. Boxes and Old Books can be recycled to generate new paper. Most boxes can also be reused for organizing and storage. Old books that are still usable can be donated or sold to a lot of different places for use.
  7. Plastic items that are made from LDPE-4, HDPE-3, or PETE-1 types of material can be recycled into many various new items. You can reuse plastic grocery bags a lot before recycling them finally.
  8. Glass jars and bottles can be melted down and remodeled to form new glass containers. You can also reuse glass jars to store items such as buttons, nails, or any other miscelanious things.
  9. Aluminum cans can be cleaned, melted, and cast into new items at recycling plants. These are probably the most commonly recycled item, you can even make a little bit of pocket change for recycling a lot of them.
  10. Shredded paper, junk mail, printer paper, phone books, and newspaper makes up almost 35% of waste in landfills. This is so easily avoidable, and it’s something we all need to work together to change.

The company that you should trust with all of your junk needs, and that can proudly claim a 80% recycling rate is Mc-Junk Junk Removal in Raleigh, NC!

For more information on disposing of Junk at your business or home, you can contact McJunk at 919-850-4377.