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Mc Junk community outreachHere at McJunk, we get requests daily for junk removal in the Cameron Village area. This isn’t much of a surprise since Raleigh junk removal is what we do best. Raleigh is a huge and diverse area. We love supporting the great people in our community. McJunk offers a wide variety of junk removal services in the Raleigh Triangle area! 

Residential Junk Removal Cameron Village NC

General Cleaning – You Need Junk Gone Now

More often than not the average request we get is asking if we can come out and pick a certain thing or clean out a particular area of a home. And the answer will almost always be yes – we would be glad to help you out! More often than not we find that people are really just looking to reclaim a part of their home that they neglected too long. We’ve seen it all from a few big items that need to go to rooms packed full of anything you can imagine. We can’t stress enough there is no shame in needing a little help cleaning your home or getting it back to a degree of cleanliness that you can control yourself. We’ve been doing this long enough to know a thing or two about junk removal done right. McJunk is here for any and all of junk removal your needs.

Hoarder Cleanouts

Nobody is perfect, and maintaining a perfect home is nearly an impossible amount of work for anyone. Nobody should be ashamed of the fact that they need an extra hand cleaning up, especially when you consider the health risks that excess hoarding can have long-term. Hoarding is dangerous for the health of all those in the home, it leaves you open to hidden dangers like mold and diseases, and more visible ones like falling or having things fall on you. These dangers are not worth the risk, and that’s why we’re here to help you as best we can. Learn more about hoarder cleanouts.

Cameron Village Estate Cleanouts

Dealing with the estate of a loved one or client is never simple work. Every little process feels like it’s covered in red tape. We’re more than happy to offer our expert services so that you have one less thing to worry about yourself. We have a long history of working directly with families and representatives/attorneys as well so we’re comfortable with the whole process! From hauling away a number of old things someone was colelcting to donating all of your clothes and other goods, we can handle it. Learn more about estate cleanouts.

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Post-Move-Out Cleaning

By the time you’re getting down to your last few days in your old home, nobody really wants to have to do more work or get rid of more things themselves, you’re just ready to move on. Lucky for you, you have us! We can work with you to ensure everything on the property is either going with you or being thrown away/recycled. We’ve had people call us days before moving to say “Alright, we have more than we thought and we just need some of it gone.” We work hard to be ecologically friendly, we donate and recycle anything we can from any job because we know it makes a difference.

Post-Move-In Cleanout

movingThis kind of call doesn’t occur regularly, but we get these type of calls – foreclosures, rental situations, inherited properties whatever it may be. Commonly this happens when people buy a home from a bank auction, you buy these sight unseen so you could really be getting anything! For many people it’s well worth the money to call out a professional company to get everything removed safely and quickly. It’s important to have experts do the junk removal in a new place as you never know what dangers could be under or near all of that stuff, while we come equipped for anything.

You should always feel comfortable in your own home. Helping a homeowner take back their home, so they can truly make it their own is why we do this, nobody should be tied down by things or feel great stress over the fact that they need a little help cleaning. Learn why we are the BEST at home junk removals in the Triangle!

Commercial Junk Removal in Cameron Village

reayd to officeBusiness big and small move offices from time to time, whatever the exact reason may be. It’s an ideal chance to get rid of built-up old office equipment, desks, chairs, old electronic equipment including cubicle components, computers and pieces and anything else that has just been collecting dust. If you’ve worked in an office before you know that with time stuff piles up just like it does in a home. We’ve all held onto something on the slight chance that it may serve us well in the future – only to never again use it.

McJunk is the go-to junk removal service for any and all of your junk removal needs. From removing an old printer/copy machine to getting rid of all your office chairs to make space for the new – we’ve got it. We work based on the load so nobody is stuck paying for any services they didn’t want. See more about our Commercial/Business Junk Removal.

Old Tech Removal & Recycling

Most often when we are doing B2B work, it involves hauling away old gear and equipment to make room for the new. Did you know the average business replaces computers and similar tech every 3 years? That’s probably more often than you think – and a lot of gear that needs to be moved around. For businesses getting rid of old stuff isn’t always as easy as you want – but McJunk is prepared to meet all of your needs. From old computers and monitors that are ready to be replaced to swapping out your break room furniture – we’ve got you. We hold ourselves to a high standard as it applies to conservation and recycling. Learn more about commercial junk removal.

Property Management – Cameron Village NC Cleanouts

If you work in property management, we’re sure you’ve dealt with some tenants that just didn’t work out. Perhaps they weren’t especially happy ABOUT being moved out. We know these situations are sensitive and things can easily get messy. McJunk will come in, do what you need done, and get right back out of your way. Just like we clean out residential properties, we can clean out local apartments, condominiums, rental houses, rental trailers, and mobile homes.

We work closely with property managers throughout the Raleigh & Cameron Village area to help care for their properties. So for jobs big and small we’re ready to help. When it comes to junk removal in the places you manage – consider McJunk for your FIRST call! You won’t be disappointed.

Check out McJunk’s Raleigh Service areas, we cover a large part of NC!