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Get Your Raleigh Home Holiday Ready!

garbage raleigh homeAs the holidays approach, it’s time to start worrying about getting your home all clean and in order for any family coming in! We all have that grandma who will throw a fit over any mess, no matter how small, so don’t give them a reason to fuss! It can get annoying, but having a clean home just feels and looks good. We can get your home and yard looking spotless whenever you need us to! Mc-Junk is a fully licensed and registered removal and hauling company permitted to carry out removal, hauling, and recycling services all over North Carolina. We are specialists in household cleanups, landscape cleanouts, office cleanouts, storm debris removal, and we can help haul away furniture and mattresses, appliances, blocks, tiles, fence, trailers, mobile homes, concrete, gravel and much more. If you want it gone, chances are very good that we can take care of it for you! Anytime you’re curious, you can give us a call and we’d be glad to discuss your situations.

The Holidays Are Coming Quickly!

It’s about the time of the year that you can expect more and more people to be coming in and out of your home than usual. It’s during such long holidays that your family and friends won’t mind spending a couple of days or weeks with you quite as much, so you need to be prepared for that possibility. Dirty homes are very un-inviting, if your home is nothing but clutter, nobody is really going to want to stay with you. A lot of us have things like old furniture, mattresses and fence and other debris just sitting around that we so badly want gone. Right? Cleaning your entire property is no small job, don’t take it too lightly! Especially if you are busy working and you have those little kids to look after, you’ll be very pressed to find any time to truly dedicate to cleaning and making real progress. You need help from someone that can do the job, and do it well. That’s why Mc-Junk is here to help you with all your Raleigh home junk needs!

What’s Bothering You Most? Ready To Get Rid of It?

RecyclingAnytime you’re expecting family or friends to stay at your place, it inevitably comes with some tension. Not in a bad way, we all just want to make the best impressions that we can. Nobody wants their home or surrounding property to look bad, most people truly do value the appearance of their home. Looking good does mean something, even if it does nothing but boost your own confidence! A lot of people have no clue where they should dispose of things like old mattresses, furniture, broken concrete, tiles, or even old fences. It can be a real headache trying to figure out what can go where. We know exactly where to dispose of everything, and on top of that we recycle the overwhelming majority of things we take! That means something, in the wasteful world that we live in today! If you’re having kids over, you of course need to be concerned about anything dangerous out around your home. For the safety of the kids, and even the elderly, some things just need to be hauled away from your home and gotten rid of. Everyone will ask this question, and Mc-Junk has the answer. You don’t have to worry, just call us and we’ll advise you from start to finish on the best things for you to do. No matter the size of the project that you need done, we can get you ready to go for the holiday season!

It’s the Holidays – I Want To Go Shopping

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The holidays come with their fair share of offers, excitement and fun for everybody who wants to go shopping – including you. This process can be full of headaches, in a season that’s already heavy with them. Not knowing what to do with your old furniture and junk can cause you a massive headache. No need to worry. Mc-Junk is here to help you with all your Raleigh home junk removal need, we’ll haul your headache away too! Also keep in mind that any money you spend with us is truly money well spent, it’s not a purchase that you’ll be regretting later on down the road.

For all your home junk removals, call us now, we schedule our appointment with you promptly and you’ll always find us on site right on time. Our highly dedicated team of experienced, energetic, and friendly staff will work beyond your expectations. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction and value for your money! We aren’t just there to get the job done and leave, we are there to do the very best work we can and leave a satisfied customer behind, always! For more information on disposing of Junk at your business or home, you can contact McJunk at 919-850-4377. And a very happy holidays from our family to yours!