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Decluttering Raleigh NCDecluttering is important as it helps get rid of those items that are just sucking up your living space. Clutter includes everything that you no longer need, want, or flat out just don’t use. With all the junk in the way, sometimes it just gets impossible to find the things that you REALLY want to be able to get to. And then, a serious junk removal event is needed. You can call it any number of things – spring cleaning (depending on the season), junk removal, decluttering, “going through our stuff”, etc. It’s all going to come down to pinpointing the stuff that is just not needed in the middle of YOUR busy life!

Get a good jump on the whole cleanup process now! How, you ask?

  • Throwing away the worthless items
  • Donating the usable ones
  • Finding a place for those items that are “cluttering” and don’t have their own space

Throwing away worthless items

So you are looking at something that you got at a yard sale about 10 years ago. While it was all cute and thought you would do <whatever> with it pronto, it’s still not doing anything useful – except taking up space. If you haven’t used it in 10 years (or even a year), it’s probably a likely candidate for decluttering. If you only paid a few bucks for it, you won’t lose anything by just pitching it. Now, if it is not actually completely useless…

Donating Usable items that you don’t need

Donate to GoodwillPassing items over to places like Goodwill for their local stores is a GREAT idea! If you’ve got a few bags of clothes or some general household items, pop them in the car and drive them over to your local Goodwill location. Find out more about Goodwill. If you have more than a quick trip in the car will provide, they will even come and pick a lot of items up. We’re not sure the cutoff on picking up items, but they likely won’t drive one of their big cube trucks over for a pair of pants. Now, if you have some couches, old refrigerators (that actually are working), stoves, dressers, beds, clothes, and on and on – the Goodwill folks will be happy to come pick all that up! The caveat there is to note that these items must be in good shape. If they’re NOT in good shape, then refer to #1.

Find a place for them!

So, if we’ve determined through the previous steps that your items DO have worth, and you DO actually want them, we just need to find a place for them. As your mother likely told you at some point – “Everything has a place and everything IN its place.” Make one. Put your keeper item there. Simple as that. If it’s something you use frequently, DO keep it “close to the surface.” If it’s something that you don’t use often, stick it in a closet/pantry, in the attic, in a shed – someplace that gets it out of the way, but close enough to grab when it IS needed.

Those are the basic steps to getting your house back in shape, but…

I don’t have that kind of time!

If you don’t have the time or are not feeling motivated enough to complete the process yourself, then you can hire a full service junk removal company to help you with the process. Junk removal companies can take away anything including furniture, tires, appliances, construction materials, yard waste, electronics, and junk cars among many others. You will pay them depending on the amount of clutter that you need removed from your home.

Now if you need this for the office? Process is still just about the same! Business junk removal is usually a little simpler honestly with fewer emotional attachments to items to consider. Designate a room /closet for people to stash unneeded items and let it fill up – and call the business junk removal experts at McJunk!

After the clutter is removed, the company will do the following

  • Recycle: A big percentage of the day to day junk from your home is recycled. Most of these companies work with nonprofit organizations to recycle the junk they get from customers.
  • Donate: The usable stuff is given to the people who need it most. At the end of the day, you will have some satisfaction knowing that your items went to help someone who could not afford it. It’s a great way of giving back to the society.
  • Landfill: The non-usable and non-recyclable clutter is sent to the landfill.

Working with a Raleigh junk removal company is convenient and they will ensure that everything goes to the right place. The company will come to your house with their trucks to pick up the clutter. This saves times and hustle of decluttering and deciding where to take each and every item that you don’t need. The company can offer the services on the same day that you contact them or schedule an appointment on a day that is most convenient for you. A big percentage of the clutter is recycled thus preventing pollution and landfill.

When choosing a junk removal company in Raleigh NC for decluttering your home, ensure that you go for one with friendly and professional staff. Also, check their reputation and the nonprofit organizations that they are affiliated to. This will ensure that you work with professional who treat you with respect and care about the society.