Junk Removal Garner NC

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Got junk? Our team of junk removal specialists in Garner has you covered. Email or text us with pictures of your junk to receive a quote! You can reach us at info@mc-junk.com or (919) 850-4377.

We specialize in residential and commercial junk removal, whole house cleanouts, construction debris removal, and almost anything else you could think of. We’ve seen it all.

Contact us for the most friendly, understanding, hardworking, and non-judgemental junk removers.

General Residential Junk Removal Garner NC

When you look up “junk removal Garner,” you want a team of efficient professionals that make your life easier. That’s how we operate.

Don’t worry about moving your junk on the curb. Leave your junk, trash, garbage, or whatever you call it, right where it is. Ground floor, second story, or the attic, we’ll come and get it. You can call us almost any day to schedule an appointment. We’re known for our flexibility.

And don’t worry about hidden fees or ridiculously high costs. Our pricing method has customers coming back.

What Junk Do We Move?

Junk means a lot of things to different people, so here’s a list of what we usually remove: couches, chairs, old appliances, mattresses & box springs, refrigerators, construction debris, toys, pallets, computer, and technology.

If we didn’t cover the junk you need removed, give us a call, shoot a text, or email us with pictures and questions. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

We remove almost any junk so long as it adheres to the parameters:

  1. It can fit in the truck
  2. We can safely load it into the truck
  3. Isn’t hazardous, chemical, or biological waste

The only thing worth noting is that we can only take dried paint cans. Contact us if you need help figuring out how to dry your paint!

Garner Estate Cleanouts

Inheriting an estate can be stressful whether you knew it was coming or not. It can feel like a lot, and it doesn’t change the fact that daily life keeps moving.

Don’t deal with the added stress of cleaning. Allow our team of junk removers to manage your estate cleanout. We’re also happy to work with client representatives.

ready to declutter

Hoarder Junk Removal Garner NC

Removing hoarder junk can be an emotional process. Seeing a loved one or friend surrounded by a mess can be hard. The hoarder could even have attachments to some of the junk. 

Our specialists have worked in many hoarder junk removal houses, and they have the skills to remove junk while also being empathetic. We want you to be safe and feel cared for. 

Hoarding is a hazard that can lead to fire, fungus, bugs, and other dangers. Allow us to take care of it.


Move-In and Move-Out Junk Removals in Garner

Removing junk upon moving out is easy. We’ll take care of what you’re leaving behind, so you can focus on your new home.

While it’s uncommon, sometimes people need junk removal before moving in. Causes of this could be rental situations, foreclosures, and inherited properties. Whatever the reason is, we’ll remove that junk too!

Business Junk Removal in Garner

Is your business moving? Now’s the time to eliminate old office equipment, desks, chairs, old electronics, cubicle parts, computers, and whatever else has been gathering dust. If you want to start from scratch, we can remove everything and only leave bare walls.

We also understand that old computers could contain sensitive information. We’re experts at destroying data and removing your junk.

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Property Management Garner NC Cleanouts

When people move out of a property, there is a high chance that they’ll leave some things. This could be a couple of pieces of furniture or a pile of trash. It could be a problem when you’ve got another tenant lined up but no time to clean and remove the junk. That would be the perfect time to call us. We’ll schedule you as soon as possible, and your property will quickly be junk-free.

McJunk is the premier Garner junk removal company.