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Junk Removal Angier NC

recycling junk Here at McJunk, we get calls for junk removal nearly every day in the Angier area. Being a junk removal company we are never surprised to get a call, but it does always strike us how similar nearly every call is. Though calls come in from most of the surrounding cities and towns in and around the Raleigh Triangle area and of course, in Harnett County, the individuals, and calls are generally about the same.

McJunk offers all types of junk removal services in the Raleigh Triangle area!

Residential Junk Removal in Angier

General Junk Removal – Just a small whimper on the other end of the line.

The most typical call – “There is so much stuff in here – Are you able to come by and pick up things tomorrow?” We get this call daily – several times. Absolutely yes, we can come and remove trash pretty much any day. Most of the time, these calls come in from people who have finally decided they wish to take back a spare bedroom, want to re-open their garage – which has eventually become a catchall. Sometimes it’s that they need to just remove the years’ worth of junk in the attic, garage or another storage area. Occasionally, it is a remodel job or bringing in new furniture and looking for a quick solution to get rid of the old. We work with these people each day and we appreciate them.

Angier Estate Cleanouts

McJunk specializes in whole house cleanouts of all sorts. In many cases, a loved one has passed and the responsibility of cleaning out the house has fallen on a family member. We can be there ready to remove anything you may need as you go through a home or we can clear out entire rooms – even the whole house for you. In other cases, a representative in charge of estate clearance for a client needs to have the remaining property properly disposed of, professionally, quickly, and efficiently. With how long legal work can take, it’s really nice to have a loved one’s home all cleaned out, divided up, and ready to go when that day does finally come. Learn more about estate cleanouts.

Hoarders Cleanouts

Most people have a bit of clutter here and there around their home, but not to the point that they can’t control it. But on the other hand, some people have lost control of their homes completely. Not only is this an eyesore but it’s straight out dangerous because of potential falls, bugs, fungus, and more. For most people, this ends up affecting mental health, relationships and can push away all friends and family over time. We can take care of all the cleaning and take that stress out of your hands. We can go with you room by room and get your home looking it did long ago. We work hard to keep things discrete to preserve your integrity, hoarders aren’t bad people or anything they just need some special help cleaning up sometimes. Learn more about hoarder cleanouts.

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Post Move Out Cleanup

We regularly get these requests…

“Yeah, we just decided to move into the area and we need major professional help cleaning out all of the trash. We’ve made a decision to NOT keep a lot of the old stuff and we do not have time to have a yard sale. Seriously, we don’t even want the annoyance of looking at this stuff again – we just need this to be OVER” Or they don’t need to have a yard sale. Or it will be an enormous hassle. In case you’ve ever HAD a yard sale, you likely recognize that much of the time, you spend a whole BUNCH of time sifting through things and don’t make a whole lot. We’re happy to get rid of all the others of it. We will come in after you have moved and get the work done thoroughly and efficiently. We recycle whatever we can and are ecologically friendly. We will donate the rest to charity if possible, we value giving back to our communities.

Post-Move-In Cleanout

This type of call doesn’t happen regularly and is just a spin on the topic that is mentioned above, but we get these requests – foreclosures, rental situations, inherited properties. “We only took over the property and the previous people left junk EVERYWHERE” These can be interesting as previous renters can leave all grades of stuff. Sometimes it really is removed by the owners, sometimes not. Broken TVs, sofas, loveseats, extra tables, garage stuff, outdoor tools – usually broken, old non-working things. Construction material leftovers. We don’t do huge amounts of construction stuff, but we can. If it’s in your way, we can probably haul it away.

There is no end to the general junk that individuals need to be removed from their properties. Helping a homeowner take back their home, get stuff inside their house, get stuff OUT of their home, cleaning a crowded bedroom, and even helping a true or “about to be” hoarder get things back in shape are all quite fulfilling for us at McJunk. Don’t let your home be a trashcan any more, with our cleaning help we can make it an actual home again.

Learn why we are the BEST at home junk removals in the Triangle!

Business Junk Removal in Angier NC

reayd to office
Offices move around every now again, that’s just the nature of business. It truly is the perfect opportunity to eliminate built up old office equipment, desks, chairs, old electronics including cubicle parts, computers and pieces and anything else that has been collecting dust. Don’t take any junk you don’t need with you! A number of office locations simply build stuff up over time like residential houses whether moving or not. Items that seem “too great ” to just throw away – and perhaps may be utilized in the future in a pinch. We’ve ALL had those items. These items are just old also it is time to let them go.

McJunk is the junk removal company you should contact to clear out as much or as little as you need. We can clear old desks out of an area to make room for more furniture, or we can clear an entire room from top to bottom so you can start over again. It’s entirely up to you. We’re load-based so that you will not pay for more than we haul out of there for you.

See more about our Commercial/Business Junk Removal

Old Tech Removal & Recycling

When it comes to B2B junk removal work, we actually work with a lot of tech companies believe it or not. Did you know that the average tech company replaces their computers roughly every 3 years? That’s pretty often, and these old machines need to picked up by someone that can have them recycled and ensure any and all data is completely shredded. We can do all of that plus pick up your old furniture other stuff and get rid of it for you. We are committed to recycling and donate or recycle every single thing we can. Learn more about commercial junk removal.

Real Estate Junk Management – Angier NC Cleanouts

We suppose you’ve had more than a couple of renters move out while leaving a whole lot of stuff if your business is some type of property management. Maybe they weren’t particularly satisfied with being moved out. We are not insensitive to the requirements of property management organizations and understand the scenarios that may develop, it’s not always easy and painless. Nevertheless, we are professionals at getting everything gone – and doing it fast. Just like we clean out residential properties, we can clean out local apartments, condominiums, rental houses, mobile houses. If there are unwanted items, we can remove them promptly.

Our team work efficiently with property managers throughout the Triangle area and obviously in the Angier NC, and full Harnett County area. McJunk will promptly and efficiently pick up unwanted stuff and get the property ready for final cleanup, painting, carpeting and ready to be released or put on the market. If you need junk removal for property management companies – seriously consider McJunk as your FIRST call! You won’t be disappointed!