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If you have a junk removal need and are contemplating whether you should purchase a dumpster or hire professionals, like McJunk, Inc to haul away your unwanted junk then this article will be one you will want to read.

Let’s break the comparison down. Would you rather rent an ugly dumpster that will have to sit out front of your house until you complete the clean-up job yourself or hire cheerful professionals, that own their own trucks that are fully equipped for your junk removal need of any size, to come to wherever your junk is on your property and do the removal and clean-up work for you? You don’t have to bring your junk to us, we bring your junk to us. Just sit back and relax while we remove the junk and clean-up the area.

McJunk, Inc recycles! Dumpster companies may have special dumpsters for only recyclable junk. That means you may need to pay more to recycle. We take almost anything you want to get rid of and we do our absolute best to recycle that junk! We love our community and want to give back to the people of the triangle!

McJunk, Inc takes just about any type of junk. Most dumpster companies charge additional fees to haul ‘special’ junk, such as , tires, appliances, and computer equipment. McJunk, Inc will take these items along with your other junk, no questions asked! We even take paint, but only if it is dried properly! Contact us today to see what we require in order to pick up your junk paint.

As if putting an ugly dumpster on your front lawn isn’t enough some communities require permits in order to have an ugly dumpster on your front lawn. So many costs, so much work. Why not just call McJunk, Inc and let our friendly professional team help with your junk removal needs. Call us today or book online and save $$!

Happy Junkin’!