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What can you imagine your junk becoming? We have all heard it over and over again, Green Green Green! The world is going Green! We want our Earth to be healthy and we want to keep it clean for our kids and grandkids, so how are we going to do that?

Recycling is a great start. McJunk, Inc recycles about 70% of all the junk we pick up. That’s a lot of junk that is missing the landfill and being reused for the good of our community.

Did you know:

North Carolinians throw away enough trash, per year, to circle the Earth twice? That’s 53,636 miles of junk!

During a 40 day period, North Carolinians throw away enough trash to line the North Carolina Coastline with dumpsters full of junk.

The amount of trash North Carolinians throw away each year equals the weight of 7,866,666 cars! That equals a lot of junk!

Every 55 days, North Carolinians could line the entire route of I-40 with dumpsters full of trash!

North Carolinians recycle 85.4lbs of material a second but throw away over 270 million dollars worth of recyclable materials each year!

Come on North Carolina, let’s do better than that. Call McJunk and let them take away your junk, recycle up to 70%, and place less in our landfills. North Carolina is a beautiful wonderful place to live and raise your family, let’s do our part and recycle our junk! Call McJunk and let the professionals do the hard part. Just point us in the right direction and we will take all your recyclable materials and more!

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